Guest Information

Emma and Richard welcome to La Chabanaise

Please find below some key pieces of information that will help your stay be an enjoyable one.

In Brief

La Chabanaise is a short walk (1.3 kms) from the centre of Beaulieu. There you will find four boulangeries, two small convenience stores, a charcuterie, tourist office, a number of bars and coffee shops as well as restaurants. The old town and church is well worth an evening stroll exploring interesting street layout (defensive) and old buildings. A walk over the footbridge crossing the river will give you access to some wonderful views of the village from the far bank and that side affords easy access to the river for swimming. There is also a pétanque terrain, tennis court and swimming pool on that side of the river.

In Detail:


Utile in Beaulieu (1.3 kms)

Super Intermarche (2.2 kms) - Head south out of Beaulieu over the bridge. On your left about 500 metres after the bridge. Car wash and fuel available.

E Le Clerc (8.5 kms) In Biars sur Cere. South out of Beaulieu over the bridge and keep going straight over two small roundabouts. DIY/Pet shop on the left, as well as car wash and fuel, and large supermarket on the right.

Swimming Pool (open between approximately 1000 hrs until 2000 hrs 1st of May until the 1st of October). There is a sign to indicate if the pool is open or closed on the gate. We reserve the right to close the pool if needed during these hours for essential maintenance.

The pool is a natural pool and as such has no chemicals added to it. The water is filtered via the read beds and bio filter and treated with UV light only. Please ensure you shower, using the sola showers provided, before swimming to remove suncream etc.

From time to time natural algae may escape from around the margins and float on the surface. This is harmless. We make every effort to keep it clear but do feel free to use the skimmers and do so yourselves to assist us. The pool alarm is disabled during the day. Please ensure ALL children are supervised. No pets, food or drink (other than water) in the pool area. Absolutely no glass. Please do not walk or swim in the planted areas. The access ramp can be slippery, please take care. The pool is 1.3 mts in the shallow end and 2.5 mts in the deep end. Please do not use the gîte towels by the pool.

Rubbish and Recycling

Please recycle all that you can. You are responsible for your own recycling. A recycling point is to be found in the main square in Beaulieu.

Non recyclable rubbish (black bag rubbish including food waste) can be left outside your front door when your bag is full. We will magic it away for you.


Free to use and the password is: beaulieu when staying in either Les Loriots or Les Hirondelles. The password for Le Séchoir is: Lesechoir


We make every effort to avoid disturbing your peace and quiet. However from time to time we do need to do grounds care and so will use a mower and/or strimmer. We undertake to not make noise before 1000 hrs and try avoid making noise after 1230 hrs.

We ask you to respect your neighbours and our home by observing the quiet hours of 2300hrs to 0730hrs. Please think about your neighbours in the adjacent gîte.

Security Deposit and Tourist Tax

You are required to provide us with a security deposit of 250 euros. This can be either a cheque or cash. This will be returned to you at the time of departure subject to a brief pre departure inspection etc. Tourist tax is charged at a rate of 0.90 euros per person, per day (18 years old and over only) This can either be paid on arrival or any time prior to departure.

Fosse Septic

Like most of rural France, we have a fosse to deal with sewage and waste water. It is essential that you do not use bleach when cleaning to maintain the health of the fosse. Do not put sanitary products, nappies, make-up wipes, hopes and dreams etc down the toilet. Only toilet paper.

Departure procedure

We ask you to have vacated your gîte by 1100 hrs. This enables us to prepare it for the next guests. Please let us know approximately what time you intend to depart so we can be ready and not delay you in any way.

Pease leave your gîte clean and tidy. It helps us tremendously if you can remove the sheets, quilt cover and pillow cases from the beds that have been used. Please place this in a pile by the front door along with used towels.

Please come and find us when you are ready for us to do a brief inspection.

If anything has been broken or ceased to work, please let us know.

Environmental Considerations

We try and consider the environment at all times. We would appreciate that you do too. The gîtes are well insulated and use a heat recovery system to heat hot water. Fresh air is provided for ventilation in the gîtes via a vent in the kitchen. We do not have air conditioning so it is important on warmer days to close the curtains and windows to keep the heat out during the day.

Please turn off fans, heating and lights when not in use.

Do not waste water.


We only accept dogs and strickly by prior arrangement in Les Loriots or Les Hirondelles. Not in Le Séchoir. We have two dogs ourselves, Jake and Freddie. Our dogs have the freedom of La Chabanaise apart from the pool area, the gîte gardens and the gîtes themselves. Dogs MUST be supervised at all times and are NEVER to be left unsupervised alone in the gîtes. We ask that dogs do not go on any of the beds or furniture in the gîtes. Please pick up the poo at all times on the property as children are encouraged to explore our meadows and woodlands also. There is a vet in Beaulieu and pet food is available at all the supermarkets. E Le Clerc in Biars (see above) has the best selection of pets supplies.

We are happy to help

Please feel free to ask us any questions. We are happy to help if we can.

Please leave a review with whoever you booked through as this helps us as we grow our business. If you use Facebook, please like our page to follow improvements and news from La Chabanaise. Search @lachabanaise to find us. Booking direct with us for future visits via our own website ( is the most cost effective way of booking.

Thank you,

Emma and Richard Curtis

Our contact phone number: 06 37 22 29 60